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Our team has specially selected for you the consoles of the moment at very competitive prices, but also games of all categories that are sure to delight you.

Video games

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Xbox Series X + Forza...
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Xbox Series X + Forza Horizon 5 + Stereo Headset - PACK

Bundle Xbox Series X + Forza Horizon 5 + Power your Dreams Stereo Headset - Discover the new latest generation Xbox, the most powerful and fastest ever Lightweight and flexible for a personalized fit, the wired Xbox headset offers you increased gaming comfort . Play wirelessly on multiple devices, including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, or Windows 10 PC. The ultimate Horizon adventure awaits! Explore the vibrant and changing landscapes of Mexico in this open-world game, and have endless fun behind the wheel of hundreds of phenomenal cars from Forza Horizon 5.

Xbox Series S + 3 games...
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Xbox Series S + 3 games (Rocket League, Fallguys and Fortnite) - PACK

Only compatible with digital games; console without disc drive.
120 FPS: Compatible content and display system required. Available on Xbox Series S when compatible content is released.
Xbox Game Pass: Game catalog varies over time ( See,, and for more information.

Console PlayStation 5...
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Console PlayStation 5 Standard + God of War Ragnarök (Code) + Gran Turismo 7 - PACK

The pack includes: a PS5 standard edition God of War Ragnarök, a DualSense White controller, the game Gran Turismo 7 and the game Spideman Miles Morales.Benefit from the new PS5™ chassis Description
The PS5™ console is full of never-before-seen gaming possibilities.
Experience accelerated load times thanks to the blazing-fast solid-state drive, deeper immersion thanks to haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3D sound, not to mention an exceptional catalog of next-gen PlayStation® games.

Nintendo Switch Console -...
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Nintendo Switch Console - Fortnite Special Edition

This special pack includes:
• A Nintendo Switch console with a unique Fortnite design on the back
• An exclusive yellow left Joy-Con and a blue right Joy-Con
• A Nintendo Switch dock with a unique Fortnite design
• The pre-installed Fortnite game
• A download code for the Panther Pack which will give you access to the Panther outfit with

Nintendo Switch Console -...
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Nintendo Switch Console - OLED - Limited Edition Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple

The console features a design inspired by the next generation of Pokémon gaming (each sold separately), with a unique graphic style taken from the new region of Paldea.
The console also includes a pair of Joy-Con controllers in the colors of the Orange and Raisin Academies, as well as a docking station bearing the image of the two Legendary Pokémon of this new generation: Miraidon and Koraidon.

Nintendo Switch Animal...
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Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Console

Have you ever given up on a game because you didn't have enough time to play it? The Nintendo Switch console can transform to fit your situation, so that you can enjoy your games whatever your pace of life. It's a new era where you no longer have to adapt your daily life to be able to play, it's now but your console that adapts to your lifestyle. Enjoy your games wherever, whenever and with whomever you want, thanks to free and flexible game modes. xible.


Retro Arcade Terminal - ATGAMES - LEGENDS ULTIMATE with 300 Games Included

The Arcade Legends Ultimate terminal, an evolving full-floor arcade machine designed for the whole family! Pushing the limits of the Legends Gamer stick, the Legends Ultimate Arcade Edition is a life-size arcade machine. Extend the retro experience through the Arcade Net* or play your own games thanks to the BYOG** service! You will find pleasure in playing on the terminal, whatever your age, your level of skill or your passions. With cloud gaming features, hundreds of titles included, access to countless resources, online features, quality joysticks and buttons, and custom game integration options, you can play your favorite games the way you do. want on this amazing new platform.


Console Nintendo Switch - Edition Monster Hunter Rise

The Nintendo Switch MONSTER HUNTER Edition features artwork of the game's iconic monster, Magnamalo, on the dock, as well as signature MONSTER HUNTER RISE graphics decorating the console and Joy-Con controllers. It also contains a download code for MONSTER HUNTER RISE, the deluxe kit DLC and bonus content. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller MONSTER HUNTER RISE Edition, sold separately, also features a design reminiscent of Magnamalo

Xbox Series X 1TB
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Xbox Series X 1TB

The sleek monolithic design of the Xbox Series X is the culmination of the combination of hardware and software innovations with a design optimized to achieve unmatched speed and performance.